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I wanted the interior of New Private Window to feel cordoned off from the broader internet, but here is a list of specific media that I mentioned in case you want to look things up or dig deeper into something I mentioned. This list is for reference and not necessarily recommendation—some items were helpful to me while others were unhelpful.

With regards specifically to gender: there's no universal path to transitioning. You'll likely find your own hodge-podge of internet posts and books that can help you along your way (Perhaps take a look at Am I Trans dot org). Better than any static resource, however, is the opportunity to know and love trans people. Is there a trans support group in your area? Have friends from your past since come out as trans? For me, it was incredibly important to just sit and exist with trans people, even if I didn't feel like we had the exact same experience.

  1. Title

  2. The Vacuum

    • N/A
  3. Crumbs of Femininity

    • N/A
  4. Sex Crash

    • Every Young Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker
  5. Friends with Women

    • N/A
  6. Serial Metamorphosis

    • How You Like Your Eggs (currently out of print)
    • Urbana Conference
    • Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin
    • A Wrinkle in Time, The Small Rain, A Severed Wasp, etc by Madeleine L'Engle
    • Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko) by Takako Shimura
  7. Sex 2

    • My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi
    • Fucking Trans Women by Mira Bellweather
    • We-Vibe Tango
    • Hitachi Magic Wand
    • Dream of an Acacia Tree by Michaela Joffe
  8. Imaging, Imagining

    • The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan
    • Willy Wonka by Roald Dahl, adapted by Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley, and Timothy Allen McDonald
    • The Fantasticks by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt
    • Against Me!
    • Stevonnie, a character from the show Steven Universe
    • Burger
    • Even the Ocean by Sean Han Tani and Marina Kittaka
  9. Oh Yeah I'm Asian

    • All Our Asias by Sean Han Tani
  10. Aftercare

    • N/A

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