New Private Window

by even

- ---o=O=o--- -

Hey darlings, my name is Marina "Even" Kittaka. I am a nonbinary trans woman artist best known as the co-creator of video games such as Anodyne and Even the Ocean. New Private Window is a website memoir concerning some of my experiences around gender, sex, faith, and transition. A few notes before we dive in:

IMPORTANT: Certain parts of this site are meant to be opened in a private or "incognito" browser window, as a meditative act. These are the links with a black background. If you can't or don't want to do that, it's okay don't worry about it (shout out to those of you who are already reading this in a private window, you're sweet and good).

- --o=o-- -

Table of Contents

  1. The Vacuum
  2. Crumbs of Femininity
  3. Sex Crash
  4. Friends with Women
  5. Serial Metamorphosis
  6. Sex 2
  7. Imaging, Imagining
  8. Oh Yeah I'm Asian
  9. Aftercare
  10. References